Invested Businesses

“VCs want a sensible idea and a great Management Team.” - Susan Kish

Investors, whoever they are - VCs, Angels, Private Equity houses etc. - generate profits by providing equity financing to start-ups and established businesses that they believe have high growth potential. The success of the business will depend on a number of factors.

  • Founders
  • A Strong Management team with the experience, skills and ability to grow the business quickly
  • A Scalable business model
  • An under-served and potentially growing and substantial market
  • A market driven product
  • Competitive advantage
  • Intellectual property and patents
  • International Market potential
  • Barriers to entry
  • Exit strategy

At Wingmen, we get involved in invested business right from the start, working with founders, advisors, investors and the management team. We build a long term relationship with the business, helping the founders from the start by fundraising, filling some of the gaps in the management team with members of our experienced unit and finding other team members with experience and proven track record from the outside.

“Good VCs are pragmatically obsessed with their exit. They have to be, because their performance is measured by their return.” - Susan Kish