“Build today what you will need for tomorrow. It is true for both work and personal life.”
- Elizebeth Deeming

Manufacturing is not limited to large businesses; thousands of small businesses manufacture items that are used by customers across the world. Small manufacturing businesses can be very successful when they offer items that are niche products and when they have very few competitors. Small manufacturers can offer specialised products that larger manufacturers cannot make profitably. Now is a good time to grow your manufacturing company. In the past it has been difficult, however the attitude has changed and in some parts of the world cost is increasing, leading to a shift in attitude towards sourcing locally. This is also due to increase in the demand for new technological products, as they can be manufactured locally for a reasonable price while maintaining high quality, as well as due to security reasons.

Our team are experienced in this sector and bring about a commercial outlook to help companies develop a profitable business. We list below some of the facts that need to be considered when looking to grow a small manufacturing business.

  • New technologies will provide opportunities to manufacturers
  • Make sure your product complies with industry standards
  • Ensure you follow the right route to market
  • Make use of the internet
  • Ensure you have the skilled staff you need
  • Have a clear strategy
  • Promote your success
  • Market your company overseas
  • Be a niche player
  • Pick the right premises
  • Know your strengths
  • Ensure you are a forward thinking company
  • Ensure quality, delivery time etc.