Non-Executive Finance Director

“The sum is usually greater than the parts. So let yourself be part of great teams. And there is no substitute for hard work.” - Nadja Lossgott

Many fast-growing, ambitious, high-growth, family, early stage small and medium size businesses are beginning to realise there is a lack of financial expertise in the management team, the board of directors or within the founders. They all normally have a good financial controller, bookkeeper and external accountants (who are not always available, not experienced commercially and even expensive) as well as a full time FD who is often not required full time, is expensive and is not always commercially astute. All the basic internal accountancy work can be done by the financial controller or bookkeeper relatively cheaply. We act as a NED financial director and are a link between the directors and the financial controller. We work with the existing financial controller and, if required, train them to get to this point.

 What we can do for you

  • We work with the existing financial controller to deliver monthly management packs and the year-end pack. This includes budgets, cash flows and forecasts
  • We advise the board in terms of strategic, financial, commercial and business matters
  • We are the missing link between the financial controller and the board
  • We manage the growth of your business in a controlled way
  • We help with the business strategy, planning and growth strategy
  • We help you identify real value drivers in your business and achieve growth with stability
  • We help you to make cultural transition from an owner managed business to a corporate environment
  • We help you to align and achieve your personal and corporate objectives through careful planning
  • We help improve operational efficiency
  • We help you to raise finance to grow your business
  • We attend board meetings and act as a sounding board
  • We help you to groom your business
  • We help you to get to your exit
  • We can help set up accounting systems and procedures
  • We will liaise with your bank, lawyers and auditors