Online Retail

“Over the last five years internet retailing has increased substantially thanks to the use of affordable always on connections, simple and secure payment system and increasing popularity of mobile devices, combined with the growth of mobile based retail sites.” - Chris Simpson

In a global economy the retail market is very competitive - the internet has created a global, price-sensitive market that can really stump businesses. There can be material cost savings in respect of Staff, rent and stockholding. Online customers spent over £50.34 billion on retail goods last year. As a result of massive customer confidence, the IMRG (Interactive Media Retail Group) are expecting e-retail to be worth over 14% of retail this year. Broadband uptake is a clear driver, but we are also seeing big brands promote their online channels through offline marketing activity. Online retailers are popular with entrepreneurs because they require minimal capital to invest in.

Our Team bring about a commercial outlook to help companies develop a profitable business. We have the experience and the contact base that can be accessed to accelerate any online retailer’s plan. We list below some of the facts that will be need to be considered.

  • Dynamic Websites/Platforms
  • Ensuring you have a top quality product or service
  • Implementing a strategic marketing plan
  • Securing goods from local suppliers
  • Delivering to the right location
  • Delivering direct from supplier to customer
  • Ways of attracting customers to your site
  • Delivering in a timely manner
  • Online security
  • Privacy in terms of information and data
  • Secure payment systems
  • Online help
  • Order tracking
  • Price comparison functions