Social Media

“Social marketing eliminates the middleman, providing brands the unique opportunity to have direct relationship with their customers.” - Bryan Weiner

Social media is a phrase being tossed around a lot these days, but it can be difficult to answer the question of what social media is. In basic terms it is social communication. Media is one way communication. Social media is two way communication. Social media is an ever-growing and evolving collection of online tools, platforms and applications that enable all of us to interact with and share information worldwide. Social media platforms share content, opinions, insights, experiences, perspectives and media. For individuals it is a way to connect and share content with friends and like-minded people. For businesses it a way to tap into what people are saying about their brand, product and/or service, communicate with customers and potential customers, market the product or service, improve customer service and make better business decision. Social media is a shift in how we get our information.

Social media platforms enable the interactive web by engaging users to participate in, comment on, and create content as means of communicating with their social graph and other users and the public. It encompasses a wide variety of content formatting. It allows interaction to cross one or more platforms by emails and feeds. It is device indifferent and can be accessed in real time.

In this changing landscape Wingmen is at the forefront of this space with experience and knowledge in setting up new social media and social marketing businesses. These businesses are centred on monetization and driving users to the site so that brands can sell their services.