Strategic Business Advisor

“We were young but we had good advice and good ideas and a lot of enthusiasm.” - Bill Gates

We work closely with entrepreneurs and provide strategic business advice to assist their business, whether large or small, to grow. We gain an intimate knowledge of a business so we can deliver real value and play a major role in helping to achieve ambitions.

The transition from small to medium sized business requires the founding entrepreneurs to adapt attitudes, new modes of behaviour and high level management skills without sacrificing their exceptional entrepreneurial attributes. The ability to identify weaknesses in their personal armoury of management competences and set about plugging them with the right skills and knowledge is key to the successful transition from small to medium sized. The founders must recognise that they cannot go it alone, because they lack the experience to help take the business into the next phase of growth smoothly.

Business founders are not normally professional managers. Typically, they are specialists in sales or technical areas, yet they still need the skills of general management to grow the business.

  • We help with business strategy and planning
  • We help to make the cultural transition from owner managed business to corporate environment
  • We help all shareholders/directors/founders identify and align their personal and corporate objectives and we ensure the shareholders/directors are all protected from each other
  • We help to identify the real value drivers of a business and then help to achieve growth organically and by acquisition and stability
  • We help to groom the business
  • We help to plan exit
  • We fill the gap and the skills required in a management team to take the business forward
  • We will ensure all of the above are planned for and attend monthly meetings to ensure this process moves on and be there whenever we are needed

In order to provide for your retirement, wealth should be managed to provide financial security for you, your spouse and your dependent. We will work with you, your board, your accountants, lawyers, IFA’s and bankers to ensure personal objectives and corporate objectives, once identified, are protected, and then work with you achieve them over a period of time. Therefore we help you to build wealth outside the company to develop an asset base which is not reliant on the fortunes of the business. We will also help you build up the business for eventual exit while getting the balance right between dividend and investment.